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Access the disruptive thinking, exponential technology insights and industry leaders you need to transform for the future

ExO Lever is a Global Transformation Ecosystem helping organizations, institutions and people to transform and unlock abundance



We do this
by helping clients

Fortune 500 businesses, small and medium sized businesses, cities of one million or more citizens, inspired individuals and community leaders



Connect with the right
transformation services

Exponential Organizations (ExO) Sprints and On-Demand Services in the industry, technology or area of expertise you need



And navigate

We kickstart and accelerate your ideas and initiatives with the help of the ExO Lever Ecosystem, converting disruptive stress into disruptive opportunity


What’s going on now with ExO?

Check out our workshops taking place all over the word addressing the disruptive forces shaping industries, businesses and society.


ExO Books


Learn how to navigate the shifting business environment caused by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where new technologies are fusing the digital and physical world. These books have the power to teach you and your company how to overcome the organizational immune system to become a thriving ExO (Exponential Organization).

Want to engage with other readers and practitioners? Discuss the books, the methodology and the global ExO Movement online with the official ExO Book Community.


WHY do I need to transform?

HOW can I transform?


Transformation as a service

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Transform from a traditional to an exponential operating model by moving away from a scarcity mindset towards one based on abundance. By understanding and applying the ExO framework to your organization you'll tap into growth by a factor of 10x.


ExO Sprint

An ExO Sprint is a 10-week process based on the book Exponential Transformation that helps organizations to evolve their business models from scarcity to abundance while dealing with the immune system. The ExO Sprint has been successfully run in large, medium and small organizations around the world. It is designed to rapidly move your organization’s leadership culture and management thinking forward.

ExO On-Demand

ExO On-Demand is a customized product built around flexible access to our ExO Ecosystem members. Consult technology and industry specialists, enhance your strategic offsite with virtual advisors, incubate your disruptive initiatives with exponentially minded people... these are just a few of the ways we can help you if your organization wants to start or has already started a transformation process.

  • An organization’s immune system will always attack innovation
    Salim Ismail

    Best-selling author of Exponential Organizations

  • If you are not already in the business of doing ExO Sprints and experimenting, then you’re halfway to being disrupted already.
    Tony Saldanha

    VP, IT & Global Business Services, Procter & Gamble

  • The most important thing I see after running the ExO Sprint is a shift in culture.
    Guayente Sanmartin

    General Manager, HP Large Format Design

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ExO Lever Ecosystem

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The ExO Lever Ecosystem is a global transformation playground where 200+ exponential thought leaders, innovation coaches, disruption specialists, startup founders and tech industry gurus gather to solve strategic transformation challenges. We partner with ExO entities, accelerators, incubators, tech companies and technology specialists (artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented & virtual reality, 3D printing, biotechnology, robotics, drones and more).


Interested in Helping Others to Unlock Abundance?

  • I am very proud to participate in the ExO movement.
  • Thank you for letting me be part of this network and the dreams and ambitions of the ExO community.
  • Excellent opportunity to learn, connect, put the principles into practice and trigger new initiatives. In one word: inspiring.
  • Outstanding community. Delighted to be included.
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ExO Lever Platform

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The ExO Lever Platform is the digital space where Ecosystem members interact with clients and each other. This is the nexus point for growth, interaction and transformation; where guided transformation Sprints, On-Demand services and access to ExO educational resources are coordinated.


ExO Lever Partnerships

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ExO Lever Team

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Salim Ismail

Salim Ismail

Co-Founder & Chairman

Francisco Palao

Francisco Palao

Co-Founder & CEO


Jaroslav Dokoupil

Chief Strategy Officer

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Che Fehrenbach


Eva María Hidalgo

Chief Product Officer

Francisco Jurado

Chief Financial Officer

Adam Muñoz

Chief Technology Officer

Tomás Garzón

Technology Director

09 Founders-Fold-Bg.png

Javier Muñoz

Product Support Director

Lars Lin Villebaek

Service Delivery Director

Zahrah Muñoz

Service Delivery and Operations Manager

Anastasia Adamova

Administrative Manager

Marina Bertos

Financial Assistant

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María José Velasco

Legal Assistant

Amy Oliver

UX Writer
UX Researcher

Angeliki Stergianoudi

UX Researcher

Ana Vera

UX / UI Designer

Chema Oller

UX / UI Designer

09 Founders-Fold-Bg.png

José Serrano

UX / UI Designer

José Manuel Ojel

UX / UI Designer

Raúl Raya

Senior Software Developer

Ana Panadero

Senior Software Developer

Javier Sújar

Senior Software Developer

09 Founders-Fold-Bg.png

Álvaro Molina

Senior Software Developer

Luke Helg

Senior Software Developer

Ernesto Serrano

DevOps Engineer

Alex King

Frontend Developer

José Marfil

Backend Developer

09 Founders-Fold-Bg.png

Ignacio Álvarez

Frontend Developer

Juan Sánchez

QA Engineer

Candela Rejón

Administrative Assistant Trainee

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09 Founders-Fold-Bg.png